Queer Lady Magician is coming to the United States in 2020!


I'm part of the lineup for Radar Production's Sister Spit, a QTIPOC spoken word and performance roadshow touring the US West Coast in March 2020! I'll be performing excerpts from the main Queer Lady Magician show - including, of course, the Menstrual Cups and Balls. Further details of the tour will be announced soon and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

I'm also looking for suggestions for other places in the US to perform circa February-April 2020! Conferences, variety shows, queer/feminist/POC events, Prides, anywhere that will be happy to slot in 10-15 mins of Queer Lady Magician. Might as well make a nationwide tour of it while I'm up there!

I'm still working out the logistics of getting to the US (I have a visa, I mainly need airfare) so if you have any ideas along those lines do reach out.

See you soon Americans!