New website, new branding, new process

It’s been long overdue, but I’ve finally updated my website to reflect my current work and progress.

The biggest change is my branding: shenaniganist. Someone who gets up to shenanigans - which is a good way to describe the wide variety of work that I do. It’s especially apt because a lot of my projects start off as shenanigans - “hey, what if we did XYZ?” - and then grow into something pretty magical.

Another major change is my portfolio. Originally I’d posted all my work on this website, which did make it unwieldy as they get further and further stuffed. I soon discovered Mural, a portfolio app that allows for sections and tagging - putting a sense of order on chaos. I’ve now moved my portfolio onto my own Mural, with a summary of my work on my Themes & Work page.

Every entry on Mural links to something off-site, but not everything I’ve worked on has a direct link to match. So this is what this blog is for - a way to document my work and process in an easily accessible format. This will also serve as a place for updates, though I will also be updating my Now page, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon as relevant.

Take a look through the site and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments!