I am Creatrix Tiara & I would like to offer you

55-Min Sessions for AU$55

To assist you on whatever you need!

What is this all about?

I am offering 55-minute long consulting sessions for AU$55, via Skype, Google Hangouts, or another chat medium, to work together with me on a variety of topics and issues - such as:

  • Idea generation and brainstorming
  • Strategies on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility especially for marginalised & underrepresented communities
  • Sensitivity reading across formats
  • Feedback, reviews, and editing (writing, user experience, art, game design, plans, proposals, etc)
  • Academic and creative tutoring (from elementary to postgraduate)
  • Artistic and creative direction
  • Advice on travel and studying/moving abroad
  • Understanding & coming to terms with your or other people's identities (race, gender, sexuality, nationality, ability, etc)
  • Reminding you that you & your work are awesome - and making it more so
  • Understanding Internet culture, social media, digital media
  • Interviews and opinions on various topics (from pop culture to social justice to food and so on)
  • Research, analysis, fact-checking, and understanding various sources & media
  • Recommendations and referrals to the right people & tools for your needs
  • Big sibling-y mentoring
  • Breaking down writer's/artist's/creative block
  • Tarot readings and other magickal pursuits
  • A friendly listening ear
  • And much more!
tiara portrait by heidi andrea

Who Am I?

I'm Creatrix Tiara - creative producer, media-maker, writer, performer, organiser, educator, researcher, and catalyst. I've worked on topics as diverse as liminality, intersectionality, arts & tech, media, race, gender, immigration, creative sexuality, LGBTQ issues, alternative education, and fandom.

Among other things, I have: designed games about immigrationdebunked Ello's privacy manifesto, created provocative anti-racist burlesque, factchecked MH370 misinformation, explored pop culture magick & the people that practice it, advocated for youth empowerment, organised a SlutWalk, got to the bottom of the mystery of butter cookie tins and sewing kits, commented on the election races of the United States and Australia, pointed out that changing how names are displayed doesn't need to be hard, made business fundamentals more accessible to artsy activisty types, explored the Willingness to Pay for pornand much more. I am also active on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Patreon, and elsewhere.

at the al-jazeera media in context hackathon

Why Am I Doing This?

I have been actively job-hunting for some time with little luck, yet I also often get asked for free advice on anything from diversity to writing to visas. I figure, why not actually make this my job? 

I have been inspired by some similar projects where people offered their time & thinking skills as a way to show off their skills and land work - or just because they feel helpful.

Some examples:

I'm oft nicknamed a Human Google/Human Wikipedia and no matter where I am in the world, people always pick me to ask for directions. I have a ton of diverse skills and experiences and I figured I'd show you what I've got by making it work for you! It'll also be great practice for me to hone my consulting & problem-solving skills and find out which parts I do best or most enjoy.

How does this work?

  1. Go to my Calendly page and pick a time & date that works for you (it will automatically adjust to your timezone)
  2. Make a booking with your Skype/Google Hangouts/other chat medium details as well as your query in as much detail as you want
  3. Pay for your booking via Stripe or PayPal within 24 hours to confirm your spot
  4. I'll confirm the appointment with you within 24-48 hours of your booking and call you on the day itself
  5. If you want, you can send me feedback on our session
  6. Tell your friends, colleagues, social media followers, anyone else you know and get them to sign up too!
Me at the White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit in 2015

Me at the White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit in 2015


    Can't afford a session? Don't worry!

    I'll have a limited number of free/sponsored spots available - just shoot me an email to get on the waiting list!

    Help me make more sponsored sessions available by sponsoring a session! Just head on over to Stripe or PayPal and mark your payment as going towards the donated session fund. I'll give you/your organisation credit!

    QuaLIFICATIONS & Experience:

    • HBX CORe Credential of Readiness (Pass with High Honors) from Harvard Business School
    • Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Inquiry from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco
    • Bachelors of Creative Industries, Interdisciplinary (Creative Industries Management, Creative & Professional Writing) from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane 
    • Published in Autostraddle, Racialicious, Malaysiakini, Motherboard, Matador, The Scavenger, Model View Culture, and as part of The New Liberal Arts by Robin Sloan
    • Produced and/or presented for 4zzzFM & ABC Australia Network
    • Worked with Global Fund for Women, Center for Sex and Culture, Flying Arts, Femina Potens, SlutWalk, SOMArts, Zen Zen Zo, Youth Arts Queensland, Brisbane Writers Festival, Museum of Brisbane, Youth Affairs Network Queensland & more
    • Academic & creative tutoring with Tutorpedia, 826 Valencia, California Institute of Integral Studies & privately


    I can't or don't want to do video chat (for any reason). Can I do audio and/or text chat instead?
    Sure! Just make a note of that when you make a booking.

    I need to change or cancel my booking!
    Drop me a line and we'll sort it out!

    How far ahead can I make a booking?
    Currently I need at least 24 hours, though I recommend more time just so I can prepare better!

    Where will my details be kept? Will you be sharing them with anyone?
    No! Your information will be kept confidential. I may ask you during the session if you'd like me to pass your details on to anyone specific, such as me making an introduction to someone else in my network - but that would come as a result of your request & consent.

    Is there anything this service does not cover?
    Any form of sex work (e.g. sex chat or camgirling), medical advice, legal advice, any others that need a licensed specialist professional, illegal matters, any form of cheating or plagiarism. If I notice that your query is not something I can handle I'll let you know and refund the booking. I reserve the right to refuse spam/troll bookings or other suspicious bookings.

    How nice are you? Do you bite?
    I'm pretty personable, but I also tend to be very direct and frank with my feedback. That said, I can also be gentle when need be. My main aim is to make sure your goals are met - I'm not interested in personal attacks or cutting you down. I can work with you on how you'd like to receive feedback, especially if it's about an issue or matter that's sensitive or delicate.

    My English isn't very good. Will that be an issue?
    Not at all! I come from a non-English speaking background and have worked with people of all kinds of language backgrounds, so I'm sure I can work with you in some way. I have conversational skills in Malay (intermediate-advanced) and Bengali (VERY beginner) as well.

    Do we need to use up all 55 minutes on the same issue?
    Not necessarily! The 55 minutes are for you, though if you feel you've gotten what you needed in less time that's fine too, it'll still cost AU$55 either way. We can also try multiple issues in case we finish one quickly.

    Why Australian dollars?
    Both my accounts on Stripe and PayPal default to Australian dollars since I live in Australia.

    I want to send you more money / I want to donate a session for someone / I want to donate a session's worth just for you!
    How sweet! Just go to Stripe or PayPal and put in an amount of your choice.

    I have another question!
    Send it my way!