Last Update: 5 AUGUST 2017 | MEL

Current Location:

Living in Melbourne, Australia


  • My massive, in-depth article about pan-Asian responses to Taiwan's ruling on marriage equality is up on Autostraddle! It's my biggest journalistic piece to date and I would really appreciate your support!

  • I am going to be a part of Taylor Mac's A 24-Decade History of Popular Music at this year's Melbourne Festival! I will be playing the roles of Dandy Minion, Burlesque Dancer, and Lesbian Avenger.

  • I am collaborating on Choir of the Impossible, an interactive art installation project directed by Lee Shang Lun and directly drawing from escape rooms, performance art, visual arts, and games (amongst others). The room is set to launch in Chapel St, Melbourne, around August 2017.

  • For most of this year I've been helping with Slutwalk Melbourne 2017, getting back into the Slutwalk movement after working on SWs in Brisbane and San Francisco. Come to SlutFest at Bella Union on August 6 as well as the Official Rally at the State Library of Victoria on September 2!

  • I am officially a Staff Writer for major LGBTQ women's web magazine Autostraddle! This means you can expect about 1-4 pieces from me per month on Autostraddle as well as participation in roundtables. Check out my work here.

  • My mini-consulting service is going strong! $55 gets you 55 minutes with me to get help on whatever you want - diversity & inclusion, writing & editing, travel, tarot, the gamut. Book a session now!

  • This has been on the backburner, but I'm still working on a couple of games about about magical buskers as part of Pixelles' Game Writing Follow-along, inspired by my dear friend, performance artist and model Sebastian Edwards. The character-building narrative game may not end up on StoryNexus, but I did turn it into a Buzzfeed quiz!

  • Still very much looking for jobs in Melbourne or remote!

Availability For Other Things:

Wide Open, especially in Melbourne! If it's a paid gig (e.g. a job, commission, or speaking/workshop opportunities that cover costs) I'm especially interested. Get in touch!

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