Photo from Freeplay Independent Games Festival

Photo from Freeplay Independent Games Festival

Work With Me

Cultural Competency Consultancy

Want to make your workspaces more inclusive (and keep it that way)? Want to check that you’re writing your marginalised characters accurately? Want some diverse recommendations for people and resources for your project? Talk to me! I’d love to work on consulting, sensitivity reading/cultural competency/development (across media), fixer work, research, and similar endeavours.

My particular areas of lived experience relate to travel & migration (including international students and permanent residence), South/South-East Asia, gender non-conformity and queerness (and how it intersects with race), mental health, and geeky artistry. I’m also open to other angles that may be relevant to my experience and interests.

Other Consultancy / Research / Interviews

From making an unconventional career in the arts, to understanding some aspect of Internet culture, to moving overseas for the first (or fifth) time - I’m happy to help and share! I’m available for media interviews, research, consultancy, informational interviews, and more! If you reckon my perspective would be useful, reach out and we’ll figure it out.

Producing / Organising / Management

Let's put on a show, a rally, a surprise birthday party! Let’s run a game, a festival, a startup! I work well with both the big picture ideas (artistic direction, strategic planning, brainstorming) and the practical execution (production management, stage management, casting, volunteer management, logistics) with a special eye for accessibility and inclusivity.

Performing / Presenting

I can be booked directly for my existing work (such as Queer Lady Magician), developing new work (such as for Queerstories) or as part of a larger project/cast (such as A 24 Decade History of Popular Music). My primary experience is stage/theatre/live art, with other experience in voiceovers, TV, radio, film, web media, and games.

For more mainstream/commercial extras and acting work, I’m represented by Howell Management.

I’m also available for emceeing, public speaking, panel moderation, and workshops.

Writing / Editing / Media Production

Whether as a freelancer or on staff, across print, web, TV, radio, and other mediums, my main expertise is in journalistic and essay writing with particularly strong skills in interviews and research. I also have experience in scriptwriting, fiction, creative non-fiction, lyrics, poetry, and copywriting.

I also have some experience with small-scale audio & video editing, such as for podcasts or Web series.

Other Skills & Shenanigans

Got an idea that hasn’t been addressed here yet? Saw something else in my themes and work that caught your eye? Ask anyway - I’m down to try something new.


  • I cannot help with unsolicited crowdfunding or donation requests. I get way too many of them and can’t donate to them all, and I also tend to prioritise projects made within or for people in my communities. Good luck!

  • I’m happy to work with a variety of budgets and will consider volunteer/non-monetary (but compensated in other ways) options on a case-by-case basis. I’m less interested in work that only pays in ‘exposure’ (including equity in a non-established company or anything requiring payment to participate).

  • I’m open to casual/one-off/short-term work as well as stable/long-term work (in fact I would be especially interested in stable part-time work at this time).

  • I’m happy to travel interstate or internationally as long as there are plans to cover travel expenses. If you don’t have a plan for this yet but are willing to figure out a way to do so (such as partnership with a sponsoring organisation) then let’s chat.

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