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Academic Citations & Interviews

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Selected Press

Hares and Hyenas raid: policy and law reform perspectives, Paul Kidd; Election result ramifications for LGBTIQ+ policies, Alastair Lawrie; Gaming activism, Creatrix Tiara | 3cr In Ya Face

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Archer Asks: Queer Lady Magician Creatrix Tiara | Archer Magazine

Ep. 37 – It’s a Kind of Magic | JOY 94.9 The Gender Agenda

Interview #52 - Creatrix Tiara | LIMINAL

15 Women & Femmes Doing Amazing Things In 2018 Who You Should Go Follow RN | Pedestrian.TV

Risky business: the queer performance group challenging disability stereotypes | SBS Pride

Inside Patreon, the Economic Engine of Internet Culture | The Verge

Burka Burlesque | Heaps Gay

How Trump's Travel Ban Impacts the Games Industry | PASTE (see also Two Minutes With 10 Train Jam Games at GDC 2017)

Women in Tech Spotlight: Creatrix Tiara (@creatrixtiara) | Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Oral History Interview: Creatrix Tiara | Dragon Fruit Project

The Feministing Five: Creatrix Tiara | Feministing

Ello’s Anti-Facebook Moment | The New Yorker

“We’re Not Trying To Be Something For Everybody”: The Promise And Perils Of Ello | Fast Company

Media and Malaysian tragedy: A look at coverage of MH17 and MH370 | Asian Correspondent

Taking productive breaks | The Star Malaysia

'One in ten' Australians is racist | SBS News

Race and Burlesque – The Interviews | 21st Century Burlesque

SlutWalk fights victim-blaming | The Queensland Times

Get Ready for SlutWalk: Women Strip Down the Tired Old Rape Defense of "She Asked for It" | SF Weekly

SlutWalk rape protest goes off | brisbane times