• Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2018: Volunteer Coordinator for Melbourne-based independent games festival to be hosted in May 2018.

  • Quippings: Disability Unleashed 2018: co-produced 2018 Midsumma production of all-disability primarily-queer cabaret Quippings: Not Normcore!. Managed budgeting, casting, accessibility needs, marketing, and performing & MCing on the night.

  • Slutwalk Melbourne 2017: co-organising Melbourne arm of international feminist movement against slut-shaming and victim-blaming in sexual assault. Primarily involved in organising speakers, also assisting with other roles.

  • DiGRA 2017: Volunteer Coordinator for games & academia conference in Melbourne.

  • Yoni Ki Baat San Francisco 2015: co-produced, facilitated, directed production of internationally-renown community theater production inspired by The Vagina Monologues with all content written, produced, and performed by South Asian women about experiences with South Asian womenhood. Responsibilities included compiling and curating submissions, casting, team management, logistics, beneficiaries, ticketing, publicity & marketing. Also organised community partnerships with CAAMFest, StoryCorps, and YKB's first international fundee SEED Foundation in Malaysia.

  • Slutwalk Brisbane 2012: lead organiser for Brisbane arm of international feminist movement against slut-shaming and victim-blaming in sexual assault, with a particular focus on radical intersectional inclusion. Recruited volunteers, filed Council and Police paperwork, booked speakers and Afterparty artists, booked venues for rally and afterparty, managed media and publicity, conflict management.

  • Artist in Residence, Cellspace 2011: worked on a one-woman show combining burlesque, performance art, and spoken word, while also performing & working within the intersections of Bay Area arts, LGBTQ, sex-positive, feminist/women-centric, and POC communities

  • Prejudice and Pride: After Dark, Museum of Brisbane 2010: produced & hosted a cabaret night featuring short performances from local LGBTQ artists as part of a groundbreaking exhibition about LGBTQ history in Brisbane, Australia.


  • Creatrix Tiara: Queer Lady Magician: Lead artist, writer, and co-producer of cross-disciplinary stage production combining magic, storytelling, burlesque, and other cabaret forms. Currently being produced for debut at Melbourne Fringe 2018 as part of Women's Circus Still I Rise Fringe Mentorship 2018.

  • PMDD: You Spin Me Right Round: burlesque number representing Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). Created for all-disability cabaret Quippings: Risky Business in December 2017.

  • Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus: LGBTQ community choir performing primarily pop and contemporary music.

  • A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: Dandy Minion and Burlesque Dancer for Taylor Mac's 24-hour musical theater and performance art extravanganza, performed at Melbourne Festival 2017.

  • Lullaby 2.0: [CW: Near-Nudity] reworking of first ever burlesque act Lullaby, signifying my return to burlesque after 4-year hiatus. Debuted at fundraiser for Mama Alto in May 2017.

  • Romeo Is Not The Only Fruit: love interest role in University of Melbourne POC theater group DisColourNation's comedy/farce about racism, homophobia, and Western romance tropes. Performed in May 2017.

  • Accentuate This! (Schrodinger's Alien): about being Othered through accents. Performed at Yoni Ki Baat San Francisco 2015.

  • WildcardxFaust: part of the Angels' Choir for Tongue in Chic's rock opera around gender-nonconformity, kink, queer sexuality, sex work, and finding community as a personal marginalized by gender and sexuality. Performed at the Center for Sex and Culture 2015.

  • Suicide's Requiem: [CW: Suicide] co-choreographer, dancer, and storyteller for Eclipse Dance Theater's dance-theater production around suicide and mental health, overlaying personal stories and text from Kay Redfield Jamison's Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide onto a rock arrangement of Mozart's Requiem in D Minor. Performed across San Francisco in 2014.

  • Mother Tongue: one-act play intertwining my parents' decisions around my selective mutism as a toddler with historical accounts of the biranghona ("war widows" - survivors of sexual assault and rape in war) during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Performed at the CIIS MFA Graduation Festival 2014.

  • The Word of Violence: [CW: Sexual Assault] written by Avni Vyas, deconstructing the word "Fuck" as it relates to sexual violence. Performed at Yoni Ki Baat San Francisco 2014.

  • Earthy: An Ecosexual Bootcamp: part of the Camp Counselors for Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens's theater production looking at environmental activism and ecology through the lens of sexuality (Earth as Lover). As a more stable cast member, also trained other rotating Camp Counselors in their roles. Performed at the Center for Sex and Culture with a preview at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2013.

  • [ l i m i n a l i t y]: interactive/installation piece performed behind a clear barrier, writing to the audience from behind the barrier, and asking the audience to write back. Reflecting on being "trapped in a box" - whether trapped in my own mind or trapped in people's assumptions and expectations. Made for SICK art event around the intersections of gender and disability at the SF LGBT Center in 2013.

  • The Expectations: lead singer and songwriter for Women's Rock Camp Bay Area band in 2013.

  • Polyester Girl Army: spoken word (in character as Barbie) reflection on misogyny and femmephobia in music and pop culture, especially in response to Regurgitator's Polyester Girl. Performed at Altered Barbie in 2012.

  • We Stand Nowhere: written by Neha Bhat, about dealing with pornography as a closeted queer woman in India. Performed at Yoni Ki Baat San Francisco 2013.

  • The Best: co-creator and performer in Contact Inc and Mammalian Diving Reflex's project on ableism, interpersonal relationships, and social events. Head of the Pre-Prepared Friends, providing extra-friendly support and hosting duties to audience members while in character. Performed at the Brisbane Powerhouse in 2012.

  • Anatomy of a Burlesque Dancer: [CW: Nudity] Deconstructing negative commentary about body image in burlesque through performance inspired by Annie Sprinkle's Anatomy of a Pin-Up. Performed in San Francisco in 2011 and Melbourne in 2012.

  • Come Come I Feed You: experimental site-specific performance exploring race and gender roles through the set-up of a dinner party. Performed in Brisbane in 2010.

  • Ex/Rotic: [CW: Toplessness] burlesque & spoken word commentary on stereotypes and racism, using an adaptation of Suheir Hammad's Not Your Exotic, Not Your Erotic. First performed as part of Vulcana Women's Circus's Aperture program at Island Vibe 2009.

  • Lullaby: [CW: Near-Nudity] reverse-strip to Deeyah's Pashto Lullaby reflecting on cultural clashes between burlesque & sexuality, Islamic upbringing, and Islamophobia. Award-winner at its debut at Cabaret Burlesque 2009 and still one of my most notable pieces.

Also Performed At: La Pocha Nostra's New Barbarians 3.0 2014, Culture Fuck 2012-2013, University of Melbourne Rad Sex & Consent Week 2012, Celebrating Sexuality 2012, Femmes of Color Symposium 2011, Oakland Pride 2011, Trickster Arts Salon 2011, Camp Betty 2011, Tropical Fruits New Year's Festival 2011, Feast Festival Adelaide 2010, Poly Pride X 2010, POC the Mic 2010, BITsFestival 2009, Edge Improv 2009


  • Creative Victoria: Creative State Summit 2017: spoke as part of panel on Australian games industry as part of State-run creative industries conference in June 2017

  • Continuum 13 2017: spoke as part of panels on creativity & mental health, white-washing, labels/boxes, and Riverdale as part of Australian speculative fiction/SFF con in June 2017

  • PAX AUS 2016: spoke as part of panels about fostering inclusive environments in gaming communities & representation in game stories

  • Lost Levels 2015: spoke about the intersections of arts and technology, especially as it relates to girls' creative & professional development

  • SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau 2013-2014: visited schools, colleges, and community organisations across San Francisco to speak about personal experiences as part of the LGBTQ community

  • Erotic Screen and Sound: Media and Desire Conference 2011: presented Not Your Ex/Rotic: Diversity & Norms in Sex-Positive Performance (Prezi, video) analysing racial and cultural diversity in burlesque, porn, and other erotic performance, as well as connecting it to cultural stigma around sex-positivity in marginalized communities

  • Slutwalk Brisbane 2011: spoke about personal experiences as a queer sexual assault survivor with an unusual history

  • Pecha Kucha 15 2010: spoke about the power of giving someone the chance to prove themselves even if they don't seem to have the most exact experience. This was reprised at eprise at Camp Betty in 2011.

  • SBS Insight: Braniac: part of television panel about intelligence and high IQs

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