Last Update: 28 FEBRUARY 2018 | MEL

Current Location:

Living in Melbourne, Australia


Queer Lady Magician has become my main project for 2018. It was accepted for Women's Circus Still I Rise 2018, which involves mentorship, funding, and co-production for a show to be presented at Melbourne Fringe 2018 in September! It will be my first ever Fringe show and my first-ever self-written long-form performance piece, but I have a great team and a lot of support so it's all very exciting!

I'm still hard at work with Autostraddle and Lesbians Incorporated. I'm also Volunteer Manager for indie games festival Freeplay in May and will also voice a new character for Season 2 of Aussie queer romantic podcast The Love and Luck Podcast - we'll be recording in April/May and episodes will air around 2019.

Availability For Other Things:

Really dependent: make me a good offer. Queer Lady Magician and my various other projects are taking up a lot of time, but I am interested in casual/one-day-a-week part-time work or other paid gigs (e.g. writing/performing commissions or speaking/workshop opportunities that cover costs). Get in touch!

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