Last Update: 30 DECEMBER 2017 | MEL

Current Location:

Living in Melbourne, Australia


I'm making 2018 my year of being Ridiculously Busy. To be fair, that's pretty much my approach every year, but I especially want to fill up my 2018 with collaborative projects for my well-being (I thrive on busyness and could really use the distraction).

I have a few projects confirmed. I'm co-producing the all-disability super-queer Quippings Midsumma cabaret in January, working as the Volunteer Manager for indie games festival Freeplay in May, and will be voicing a character on a story podcast to be announced soon.

I'm also at the early stages of two other projects. The biggest one is Queer Lady Magician, which is basically what it says on the tin - I'm getting back into my childhood passion of stage magic and am interested in exploring its potential in political and personal storytelling. The interest has really exploded and I'm really keen to see what's going to happen! There's also the possibility of finally staging the Australian edition of South Asian women's theatre production Yoni Ki Baat, pending acceptance of grants and such. We'll see how that goes!

I'm still hard at work with Autostraddle and Lesbians Incorporated and I'm sure there'll be more coming up as the year progresses!

Availability For Other Things:

Make me a good offer. If it's a paid gig (e.g. a job, commission, or speaking/workshop opportunities that cover costs) I'm especially interested. Get in touch!

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