Last Update: 9 JULY 2017 | MEL

Current Location:

Living in Melbourne, Australia


  • I am officially a Staff Writer for major LGBTQ women's web magazine Autostraddle! This means you can expect about 1-4 pieces from me per month on Autostraddle as well as participation in roundtables.

  • My mini-consulting service is going strong! $55 gets you 55 minutes with me to get help on whatever you want - diversity & inclusion, writing & editing, travel, tarot, the gamut. Book a session now!

  • This has been on the backburner, but I'm still working on a couple of games about about magical buskers as part of Pixelles' Game Writing Follow-along, inspired by my dear friend, performance artist and model Sebastian Edwards. The character-building narrative game may not end up on StoryNexus, but I did turn it into a Buzzfeed quiz!

  • Still very much looking for jobs in Melbourne or remote!

Availability For Other Things:

Wide Open, especially in Melbourne! If it's a paid gig (e.g. a job, commission, or speaking/workshop opportunities that cover costs) I'm especially interested. Get in touch!

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