Consider the unicorn: made up of parts that don’t usually go together, mythical, yet so beloved that people will go to all lengths to make it exist.

Now consider the platypus: made up of parts that don’t usually go together, real, yet so confounding that for many years even scientists could not believe they existed.

I am the platypus – and my life’s work has been to create spaces so that other platypus and anyone else that traverses flux, the liminal, the in-between can find themselves reflected, represented, counted. My work explores the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, and other identity axes claimed by or imposed on each other. 

I turned to writing as a child to try and make sense of being the Other, ostracized because I didn’t neatly belong in any category. The writing carried me through my life of transience and reinventions – including my current foray into interdisciplinary art, based on burlesque and performance while playing with other forms, satirizing and challenging stereotypes made about my body, my background, my being. In between I have worked with media, alternative education, and social justice – and I envision myself constantly changing and shifting.

Currently I am very interested in producing work that, through live immersive experience, allows participants to build empathy and understanding for stories & experiences outside their own. In 2018 I'm especially looking at stage magic as a means for this kind of experience; I'm also interested in the ways that performance art, theater, VR, games, LARPing, and related forms can coexist to create engaging storytelling experiences for both artist and audience alike.

My various incarnations and shifts have allowed me to build diverse networks of vibrant resources and people – connections that I love sharing with each other. My fairy-godmother skills have made people famous, sparked careers, and made the improbable happen. I enjoy delving deep into research while also being as practically involved as possible.

For me it’s all about building experiences: whether through a performance, a community project, a blog, or just by existing in the world and making my existence known – and through this I have been a beacon for others looking for that same acceptance and recognition.